Thursday, May 17, 2018

A WiFi Bottleneck Fixed

 I am learning that the Wi-Fi adapter in a device may pose more of a problem than other factors in reducing speed than I had thought.   

That is a simple problem to fix (<$20),  and may save many an old machine from being discarded since we are now so dependant on the internet for everything we do.

I searched for USB Wi-Fi adapters on Amazon and selected the one with the best comments.   

I was flabbergasted at the results.     My old Dell ran 10 times faster than before when browsing.    

These adapters plug right into a USB port.     Drivers then come with them which need to be installed.

Then,  after that happens,  nothing will change until  the old adapter is disabled in device manager.    I did not find that indicated in the documentation but it is absolutely essential.

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