Thursday, March 21, 2019

Seniors Lose Out on Nutrition and Exercise

This is bad. Even where the resources are available, seniors fall behind in nutrition, exercise, and physical therapy.

The reasons are many.    Two of these are lack of awareness and lack of access.That happens even in the best of communities.      Here, wellness activity has been dropping, and now physical therapy is falling.    

As for nutrition, awareness was brought home to me when I found that I had two serious deficiencies despite great food.      

How could that happen?

I get all the regular blood tests, but those that show copper and iron deficiency we're not normal tests over the years, until two doctors called for them.

The copper deficiency could not be treated with medicine, but is now responding to nutritional changes, as well the iron deficiency.

My current doctor simply says that nutritional deficiencies are way underestimated in the general population, although the Millennials are much more aware.

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Anyway, without nutritional changes, I was headed for severe problems, and the community with support costs, as my health deteriorated.   Copper deficiency leads to Alzheimer's.

How many others around me are unaware?

The same lack of awareness applies to wellness:  exercise.

Exercise activity here is falling, and now we also face a drop in physical therapy.     Our local facilities have been largely moved to a different location, and are also aggravated by renovation activity.

So what is the answer?

The most important answer is that awareness must be raised.    Each of us, and the community in which we live, need to proactively reach out to get these concerns addressed.    

That will cut the costs of Medicare!

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