Sunday, April 7, 2019

Moving Away from Cable

 Three things happened at once to move us from cable TV to streaming media.

Our 10 year-old TV started having problems---we soon discovered that large-screen new sets with excellent picture quality now come at an extremely low price, as low as $230 for a 43-inch set.    Ours is now a 4K Roku TV, enabled for easy navigation of Internet offerings.

Then, our daughter and son-in-law cut off their cable when their cost exceeded $200 per month.   That caught our attention.

Then, Consumer Reports came out with a guide to free internet streaming, listing a wealth of free movies.

We were surprised at the difference in what is NOW available on the internet as compared to cable channels,  even though we had dabbled in Internet long ago with Netflix.

We had moved from a very limited selection of media to an exhaustive encyclopedic availability of things to watch.    Live and on-demand.

It got clear that the world is moving away from cable TV to internet, especially younger folks.     

The abundance of cable TV ads for medicine attests to a primary remaining viewership of seniors.

We installed YouTube TV in order to watch local channels and view whatever and whenever we wanted.    Our internet connection is now direct from ethernet as opposed to Wi-Fi. That gave us the bandwidth we really needed for 4K.

We can now watch anywhere from tablet or smartphone,  even with sound direct to hearing aids.


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