Friday, June 28, 2019

My Computer Devices

Going from the smallest to the largest, these are the computer devices I use.

First is my iPhone SE, which I always have with me. Since it works with my hearing aids, I use it for all audio.

For reading away from home, I have adopted a Nook. No sense in spending big bucks for a large smartphone.    It is less bulky than a Kindle Fire 7 and is not limited by Amazon's unique restrictions.

I will be switching also to a new Walmart 8" tablet for the same reasons.

Next is the iPad, which outperforms everything else at my easy chair.

A Chromebook is then my desk machine.

I avoid Windows wherever possible due to the annoyances of constant upgrades.    However, an old Windows PC does the heavy lifting on a large TV screen.

In all, I spent little for any of these devices, the iPad most at $250.

With them, I have at hand anywhere: my email (news), library, music, YouTube, browsing, and even control of my Roku TV.

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