Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Getting it Read Out Loud

 The very best way to have a book read aloud.Is Alexa. Once the book is available from audible.all that is necessary is to.ask Alexa to read it.    There are free books available from Audible on Amazon.  This is best for the sight impaired.   Those with good eyesight will find the audible app most helpful.

Next best is to use.text-to-speech on a Kindle Fire.  .Swiping up from the bottom of the screen.presents a speaker.and arrow to be clicked to start.   Simple. The iPad can be set to read aloud by swiping down with two fingers.

Also available on the Kindle Fire and eReaders  is Voiceview.   The problem with Voiceview is that it makes navigation much more difficult.

Audible books are then the next easiest on many devices from their app.   Just click to start reading.

Then there is Librivox with loads of free books.  Similarly Audiobooks app.

Beyond that is the Gutenberg app and.The Internet Archive.

Last, is your local library online.

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