Saturday, January 8, 2011

Simplified Definitions of Terms from Talk

Some Simple Definitions in Response to Questions from 1-13-2011 Talk

(but don't forget to "Google" for other definitions)

technology - tools

Google - search engine, advertising company with many free computer resources

Internet Cloud - Interconnected computers, similar to interconnected phones

Wifi - Wireless Access to Internet from nearby wired connections (cable or phone)

Hotspot - portable wireless internet access device

eBook - device and computer readable digital book

audible books - recorded audio book

3g, 4g - 3rd and 4th (current) faster wireless cell tower speeds

Kindle - original electronic book reader, uses WiFi or 3G (charges only for non-free books)

iPad - larger book-sized computer/reader with touch screen mainly for access to internet - WiFi or 3G

iTouch - like iPad but cell-phoned sized

Skype - free phoning for most computers and smaller cell-phone sized devices; clear sound and also video

app - a computer application to do a very specific app, such as Weather

AppleTV - a device to access internet media from TV

iTunes - media player and organizer which supports and loads iPods, iPad, and TV via AppleTV

netbook - small laptop with keyboard, generates and accesses media

YouTube - video and sound search engine for entertainment, music, howtos, video clips

GPS - navigation device, shows position and routes

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