Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Recording SeniorTV Local HD with TIVO

Recording Local HDTV with TIVO 

(for Willow Valley Retirement Community residents who need to watch TV, and the wealth of online media, from SeniorTV (like lectures) at their convenience by recording it with the TIVO.)

(In short, do a manual scan of channels so that "dot" channels appear; get the program, time and non-HD channel information; then set up a manual recording for the corresponding "dot" HD channel.)

Basic Set Up (does not need to be repeated):

1. Do a manual scan: (just one time)
 Settings & Messages > Settings > Channels > Channel Scan > Scan.
 Then, go to the Channel List and make sure the HD channels do appear: i. e. 8.1, 21.1, etc.

2. Go to the Program Guide.   To make things easier, if not already set up as a Grid, hit <enter> to then select Grid mode from the selection.   Go to Tivo Live Guide and hit <enter> to change to Grid.

3. Record an Episode

Important below: to get the program information for the HD channels, you must go to the corresponding SD or standard definition channels in the program guide.   The HD channels do not show the program information.   So...

Find the time and channel for the program for the standard definition channel, i.e. look at channel 6 (or 33-PBS), 7 or (27-ABC), 8 for NBC, 9 or (21-CBS), and 11 for Fox.  Or from the online guides or newspaper.

Note the corresponding HD "dot" channels  you will be scheduling:

6, PBS – 33.1  
7, ABC – 27.1 
8, NBC – 8.1 
9, CBS – 21.1 

Set up a manual TiVo recording for these HD channels:
(Find Shows > Record by Time or Channel > Set UP Manual Recording)
 for the time and appropriate "dot" channel.

/MK, with appreciation for the work of T. Poulos to solve this vexing problem for senior TV viewers.