Thursday, April 17, 2014

Choosing an Internet Provider

If you are about to choose an internet provider it is worthwhile to consider ALL of your options...very carefully.  Know what you are getting into.

 Your choices are to choose a provider who will provide all the necessary support or a provider who will simply throw a switch and leave it to you to provide your own support, if not also doing the whole installation yourself.   Support means having a place to go when things go wrong, as they will.

Comcast, for example, will provide full support if they supply your router, whereas Willow Valley will simply connect you up and leave the rest of the installation and ongoing support to someone else.

The key question to ask yourself is: will I be able to trace and isolate slowdowns and disconnects, the reason for them, the action(s) needed, and then find a way to get them corrected?  Will I then need to call in expensive tech help?   Etc.

(Cell phone and hotspot based services connect you up without any installation at all, and no support normally needed.  With T-Mobile monthly non-contract service at $50, and available anywhere, there are new options for service.   This posting was actually dictated and published while riding in a car, using a smartphone when I had a few moments.)

Here at Willow Valley I will be glad to advise further about your choices and, if you like, even be on hand when your installation is done.     There is no way for me to help later when your internet service fails, almost always the fault of the provider, if not a more deeply technical issue.

Forewarned, I hope this warning will cut down on some of the frustration and anger I hear so often from residents about installation and ongoing support problems.  

Don't get me wrong.    Willow Valley service is fine and inexpensive but no bargain without support.

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