Sunday, April 13, 2014

How to Move Photos to a Tablet

How do I transfer, save and print my photos on my tablet or smartphone?

As computer users switch away from Windows XP and laptops and often to tablets, this question arises as to how to save and print them.

The easy way is to move them up to the Google cloud where they can be accessed or downloaded anywhere, just by using Google.

The first step is to download Picasa onto your PC, then run Picasa. Click here to do that. Even though support runs out for XP, Microsoft Security Essentials software will protect you long enough to do so.

Picasa will then find all your photos and organize them conveniently in one place on your PC. This is automatic.

The next step is to send photos from Picasa to PicasaWeb. This is done by selecting and highlighting your albums in Picasa and tapping or clicking at top right to do so.

Once your photos are on the web they are accessible anywhere. You need a gmail account for this, so if you do not have one then first sign up for one for this purpose. Search for Gmail and look for signing up for a gmail account.

When done, go to your tablet or smartphone and the Picasa site where you will find your photos. Click here for that.

Many photo apps will also find your photos easily from PicasaWeb.

(Another simple way to move photos and files is to install Dropbox on both PC and tablet, drag and drop to Dropbox on PC, and access from Dropbox on your tablet. Click or tap to sign up.To migrate files from an old to new PC download PC Mover.  Click for that.)

To print your photos, you will need a Cloudprint or AirPrint printer. Tapping on a photo will bring up a menu for your printer.

For Apple tablets AirPrint works automatically via your router. For other tablets download the Cloudprint utility to PC which will find your wireless printers and make them accessible, once connected to your Wi-Fi. Click for that.Then download the Cloudprint app to your tablet or smartphone, Click for that, or, with the latest Android version, just activate Print in Settings.

Once on the web your photos may also be printed from any PC connected with a printer.

Click here for a way to print from Dropbox.
There are also dozens of apps for both Apple and Android devices which transfer, and edit and print photos. Click for one.

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