Saturday, May 24, 2014

Internet Aloud

Those just starting to learn to use tablets and smartphones are often unaware of the resources on internet to listen to internet out loud.

These resources fall into two groups: read by human voices and transformed from text to speech by the computer.

Prominent among apps are TuneIn radio and Audiobooks and Librivox. TuneIn delivers radio stations and the last two apps access free books read by volunteers.

The Internet Archive and Open Library also provide a huge library of audio.

Using text to speech, some reader apps also read books out loud. These include the older app FB Reader and the new exhaustive reader, Mantano. The app Google Play Books reads out loud.

The app VoiceAloud reads almost any text where Share is available with its list of options including Voicealoud.

For example, I use Calibre to deliver Associated Press stories to listen to via Voicealoud. Read my postings about Calibre to see how.

Umano offers human read versions of selective articles throughout internet.

Then, web2go provides the ability to listen from a vast number of sources, including this website or blog, using artificial intelligence to approximate the human reader.

All these apps are downloadable from the Google Play Store online and/or accessible from your web browser.

Separately, the exhaustive Internet Archive has a built-in text-to- speech audio reader on its website described in this link:

Or on the iPad just install the Internet Archive Companion app.  A search of apps will find many other sources of audio books.

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