Monday, November 17, 2014

Dementia Services

(While I work up my separate Willow Valley blog, I post the following here until it is ready.)

Dementia caregivers need all the help they can get.

Some of that can come locally and some from elsewhere. Yet there is no one place yet to find out what resources are available. Help from one single social worker may be limited.

The caregiver needs more than what a single social worker can provide.

So let me help.

Here at Willow Valley itself new separate entities have just been established to provide services at home, but also here in this community, including companions.

There are many other resources outside of Willow Valley.

Brethren Village offers help to the caregiver on the basis that the stress of caregiving can wreak havoc on an otherwise healthy body and without a healthy body you won't be able to do the things you need to do.

BV offers caregiver sessions open to the public starting Thursday November 13th at 6:30 p.m., with additional sessions on January 15th and February 12th. They will also take care of your loved one as you attend at no cost.

There are other such sources for care in the Lancaster area. Tap or click for one of them.

Short of physical support, there are resources in media.

Here is a great link to great help videos: Tap or click for the link.  

There is the website.

The classic book on the subject is The 36 Hour Day. The author's talks are available free on YouTube. They are immensely helpful.

The Memory Cure offers some hope for avoiding dementia.

The AARP Magazine often has articles and information on dementia, such as in the October November issue.

It is important to understand that dementia is a disease and not a normal part of aging and that understanding the disease can make it easier for the caregiver.

This is a big subject and hopefully Willow Valley will do a better job of educating people about dementia and resources to deal with it.

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