Sunday, January 25, 2015

Cheap Windows

BuyFor most of us seniors there are better choices than Windows. However Windows has one benefit that deserves attention. Windows can run the desktop and tablet tiles modes at the same time and on the same device.

At the point where that device costs only $120 and serves as laptop, tablet, and desktop in place of a tower, it deserves a second look.

The 8" Winbook tw801 does just that. Not only does it do it but it does it very well. You have full Windows in a very portable package and also as a replacement for your tower, and indeed as a cell phone and GPS.

I found it to be the fastest Windows 8.1 computer I have ever used.

You can plug in your hard drives and DVD drives and printers.

With it comes a copy of Microsoft Office for one year, normally $69 for the tablet + 1 PC or Mac.

For Microsoft fanatics you can get the same device a bit smaller for just $60. I say fanatics because you need a degree of expertise to manage the more limited memory of the smaller device.

Essentially, for the cheaper device, you need to move everything possible to a second microSD 32g drive, such as all Windows desktop apps, Google Chrome, and OneDrive.

Click for some tips.

Click for some more tips to make better use of memory for Google Chrome.

Those are mainly for a tablet with only 1 gig of working ram.

Windows really needs two gigs of working ram and 32 gigs of drive storage space, 64g of additional storage may be added to this device, however. The $120 device does have 2 gigs of working ram in the version identified below.

Installing the Chrome browser adds a lot of functionality hand efficiency in using memory.

Once installed, entering chrome://apps gives you access to the world of chrome apps.

It goes even further. By adding the Chrome Store new Metro tab app, chrome apps will show up in a Windows Metro or Modern screen form. Now you have a combined Windows and Chrome tablet.

Click for the store.

To use as a cell phone you need either WiFi or hotspot, and for receiving calls, an app able to provide you a phone number number or connect with your email address.

So having one device able to do it all compensates for the shortfalls of Windows.

It will take some doing to find the apps or equivalents normally found on iPads and Android tablets, but this is doable.

One important feature is the ability to create a so-called image backup to restore Windows when actually it is needed.

Note that the model number is for version which has a needed 2 gigs of RAM and a full sized USB port.

Click for a guide to Windows tablets.

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