Monday, March 7, 2016

Keep it Simple or Go Bonkers

Computers are a tool to get things done more efficiently, but you need to keep it simple!!

. don't put up with delays due to bad cabling, too many web routers nearby, or non-responsive servers, in other words an unreliable internet provider

. use a password app like LastPass to remember your passwords

. make those passwords SIMPLE, just use the first letters of the words of a memorable quote plus a number and/or symbol

. organize bookmarks into folder categories by headings, such as accounts, reading, listening, buying, cloud drives, writing, or amazon apps, google apps, news, and so on

. put in words what you want to do and google all the options

, solve problems with a query to google and reject complex "solutions"

. keep the equipment simple and portable

. be proactive in your reading, choose the sources you trust

. read the handbook or guide online before you buy anything, also Amazon customer comments

. do it the new way, even if it takes some learning, such as a new smart cell phone

. get to know who can help you best

. search here for help!!

. have more than just one device, such as a phone and a tablet or laptop

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