Monday, June 27, 2016

Don't Make this Hearing Aid Mistake!

If you have a hearing problem, don't make the disastrous mistake that I made in setting them up.  

I am afraid that a lot of seniors do make the same mistake.

Simply,  my hearing aids produced a shrill and tinny effect which bothered me and were reduced by the audiologist at my request.

That was a mistake.

Like so many, my hearing problem was the loss of the ability to hear high-pitch sounds.

What I have learned since is that those tinny sounds were precisely the sounds I needed to hear again and that my brain was playing a trick on me by suggesting they were bothersome.

Unfortunately, this is a common experience, as I have learned from researching it.    When the brain has not heard high pitched sounds for a time it considers  them a problem and not a solution.

When the hearing aid was adjusted back to restore these tinny mechanical sounds, within just a few days my brain adjusted to them as natural and I did not hear them as tinny any more. Instead, I was now hearing the human voice as I had before my hearing began to fail.

My hearing improved drastically with the hearing aid adjusted back to restore and even exaggerate high pitches.

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