Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Hearing, Health, and Costs

Choosing a new hearing aid is a challenge, especially for seniors.

Seniors can be vulnerable buyers and subject to overselling and over pricing.

Some seniors also have special needs wherein hearing is closely connected to their general health and mobility.  Others need only the most basic and inexpensive aids.

New developments here make it a bit easier in this area, though still not ideal.

Willow Valley has established its own audiologist who represents the major providers of hearing aids, but not all providers yet.  Well done.

One of the latter providers, though not nearby yet, is the fast-growing company, Zounds.   Zounds sells good basic hearing aids for a very low price and also hearing aids with rechargeable batteries that do not need to be inserted by the fumbly fingered user at all.  The nearest store is in Lititz, PA.

No single source provides all options.   The user is still faced with challenging task of choosing what he needs and what he wants.   Many users will find a very basic hearing aid satisfactory, but some will need special features such as a remote microphone to talk to people with weak voices.

Also, hearing aids can provide coils to improve use with the telephone, circuits which work with auditoriums which are wired for them, such as here,  and Bluetooth for use with mini computerized devices and TV.

Providers may or may not be able to assess whether a senior is incapacitated or limited, or be willing to work together with medical support whenever really essential.

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