Friday, July 15, 2016

Simplifying Things

I like simplifying things.

And making things simple has changed my approach to computers.

More and more, I have switched to smartphones for most of my computer activity.  Initially I hesitated to do more complex tasks, but as time goes by I have disciplined myself to give it all a try, such as with maintaining my website and for preparing a presentation

I turn to the smartphone because it is easy at hand.   It is there when I need it.   I can do a lot with voice input.

However, I find myself going to larger and larger smartphones!

An old tiny smartphone still holds all my music.  I have no calling plan on it.

A 5 1/2 inch smartphone now handles just about everything and has all my books and music stored aboard on its SD memory.

On its home screen I now have only a single page with a few folders for easy navigation.  These folders are:  phoning, reading, writing, listening, media, accounts, Google, and Amazon.     If an app needs to be in two different folders for ease of navigation I put it in both places.

A few taps then get me quickly to where I want to go.

I do keep everything on a 10 inch Android tablet for when I will mostly be reading.       I also keep all my reading matter there on an SD card.     I do not lug it around as many do with their iPads.

I see that there is a development in which you plug your smartphone into a device which works  like a laptop when you need a large screen and keyboard.   Combines both into one, a further simplification.

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