Saturday, December 17, 2016

What You Can Do with a Smartphone

A year ago I wrote a presentation about smartphones to help those just learning to use them. The presentation starts automatically. To move about it freely, scroll up and down with the mouse scroll wheel.

I suggest running this presentation on a large screen with smartphone at hand as you set it up.

Or, on the phone itself, just name the referenced website link by voice and go from there.

Nowadays, though, with the explosion in use of voice recognition, some may find it easier to just

Jump Right In and start using the phone with Google Voice commands…
The home screen is the screen with the tiny circle at center bottom.

Once the phone is set up, swipe to get to the home screen and the GO with your voice commands.

Then, activate voice recognition by saying Okay Google.   (You may need to set that up using an app called Google Now.)

For example,  if you want to listen to NPR radio on the phone,  Install first by saying Okay Google and then Install NPR One.   Tap to install it.

Once installed, all you need to do to listen to NPR is simply to say (OK Google) Listen to NPR one.  Okay Google always has to come first to start recognition.

The same process works for all the other things you would like to have the phone do.  Install to install it the first time,  then Launch to activate that function in the future.  Remember say Okay Google first.

Let's say you want to do some writing. First, (Okay Google) Install Google Docs.   Then Start a Google Document.   Dictate your document,  as I am dictating this document.

Voice commands work for all the major functions.   For texting, you don't even need to know how to send a text or install anything.  You just say Send a Text Message and the smartphone will prompt you  through it.  The message will come up at the destination phone.

If you need a phone number, just say the name of the person or place you are calling, such as Walmart. The phone will show phone number, directions, and even take you there.

You can do all your browser searching by voice.    Just saying Launch, followed by the name of the app, will start up any app or function, such as Launch WeatherBug to get the weather, once installed, or Launch the New York Times, once installed.

Need to buy something?  Just say Order and name the item you want to buy.

Now, apply this to all the things you can do in the presentation.

Whatever you do, always try Voice first and get in the habit of not typing.

By the way, you can also install Microsoft Windows Cortana in your Android phone just by saying Install Cortana.     Then you can use all the capabilities of Cortana as well as Google.

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