Monday, February 13, 2017

35mm Slides

Chances are you have somewhere in your family a hoard of old 35mm slides just taking up space. What to do with them?

Sorting through them can take a long time and be a cumbersome process.

Digitizing makes it possible to discard them all together, though, once you have them in a safe place such as on a DVD or a safe place in the cloud, preferably both.

In our case, once we had sorted through them, we had already discarded about 75% of them and kept 25% without discarding them.

Sorting took a long time but yielded some happy memories of times past.   There was no need to hurry through them  as we recalled old times and places.

Using a new digitizer made it easier than past efforts to do the job. Older devices had been disappointing over the years.

We employed a new $100 Jumbl scanner which worked better than our best hopes.      The side tray was indeed a little bit awkward to fill tightly.     Otherwise the pictures came out better digitized than in preview through a TV set connected to the scanner by  A/V..   The scanner produces a 14 megapixel image.

The slides were digitized in groups of about 100 before being backed up and stored somewhere. They were then actually uploaded to Google and Amazon and to Drive.   They were also backed up to a PC and to a flash drive in batches, being careful not to overwrite right

When the whole process is complete, they will be stored on a DVD with a copy of the DVD in the safe-deposit Box.

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