Friday, February 3, 2017

The Old Way is the Hard Way

The old way is the hard way with computers.  With computers, it is not so much what you know but how fast you can learn.

That also puts a new user at an advantage... the new user does not need to unlearn the old way!!

So, with computers, it is always the question of how can I learn most easily?   Where can I go to find the newest way to do it?

That means going to the browser first.

There, in the browser, YouTube often is the easiest way.   It is just a question of finding the most suitable video.    The viewer count is a clue to that.

Another way is simply to watch someone doing it the new way.   Around here there are many who will help you one-on-one.

Or you can simply pose the question to the browser such as “How can I  ……..??”

Last, and least, you might very well also even find a book online on the subject.

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