Monday, March 13, 2017

CDs Passe?

Nowadays it is easy enough to select and play your music with voice commands, either in your smartphone or computer.      Or use Alexa!

In most cars it's still probably easier, though, for most people just to play a CD.

So I picked up a stack of blank audio CD's the other day to make CDs from my already digitized music files.

(I digitized years ago from 78s and LPs.     That process is done with a turntable MP3 converter and PC software.    I used a turntable converter made by Ion, which I sold when I was done with the conversion, and ready to dispose of all my old 78s and LPs.

Nowadays LPS are a “dime a dozen” and it's nice to have such a device available just to listen to them, or even to convert them. Tap or click for a newer such device.

Tap or click for more on how it is done.    It is a bit labor-intensive.

Having done all that years ago, all I needed to do now, though, was to transfer my MP3 digital files to audio CDs in the audio CD format, (which is different from the MP3 format).

This process was a breeze.

Making the CDs, using Windows 10, I needed to first install the Windows Media Player, which had not come pre-installed with Windows.   Tap or click to download it.

Once installed, all I needed to do wss to start the Player, insert a blank CD, select audio format for it, and then drag and drop files from file manager over to the media player, and finally, click on burn CD.

Duck Soup!

This also gave me the capability of producing a physical CD from music bought on Amazon and in my Amazon Cloud Library.    I first downloaded that music in MP3 format for the purpose.

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