Wednesday, February 7, 2018

My Tech Choices

 Computers are constantly changing and my own tech choices are also changing.   So what are they?

I now prefer the Apple iPhone to Android phones, specifically the iPhone SE,  because it is simple, small,  inexpensive, technically up-to-date, and now easy to navigate. Service from ConsumerCellular is well priced at $25 a month.

Next,  I like the Android Moto G4 as a large phone,  but not one to take with me most of the time because of its size.

I think now that the $250 iPad Is the preferred device for seniors, with its control panel,  even though you cannot stream music from iCloud.     Worse,  you need a PC to manage it at times.

My workhorse is a Chromebook,  specifically an HP Chromebook 15 which I got for $90 and you can get for about $200.     The Chromebook now runs Android smartphone apps, even Microsoft Office..

As for a tablet,  the  Amazon Kindle tablet is hard to be in function and price, But I am still using my old Nexus 7 along with a cheap Nook tablet which runs Google apps.

My choice of printers are Brothers,  whether laser or dot matrix.  I've had this preference for a long time.      My MFC-J875 has expensive print cartridges from A-Z.    I do have an HP LaserJet p1102w which works with a Chromebook and has cheap replaceable toner.

My 24 in LG TV monitor  is inexpensive and really the only such device in its class.

Amazon’s Echo voice systems are becoming more and more useful over time and spreading widely in this community.   I like the Lightify bulbs for Alexa.

I like the Billboard headphones and the Oontz speakers,  both inexpensive.

I see no reason to spend big bucks on anything.

I am not fond of Windows but you do need it now and then.

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