Tuesday, February 20, 2018

The Type is Too Small

 Some seniors struggle with the small type size of various devices.

Recently a senior here had difficulty with an iPad Mini,  which is especially vulnerable to such a problem.

There are lots of remedies,  but for the iPad Mini it is probably best to upgrade to the latest iPad.

Most devices offer the ability to increase type size, often through accessibility settings.

Individual apps,  such as Kindle,  will have the ability to increase type size built in.     Look for an Aa icon.

Often spreading your fingers on the screen will enlarge the type size.

Shift ++  will enlarge the screen in Chrome and other browsers.

Amazon Kindle also has the ability to read out loud.   Tap anywhere on a page screen for instructions, once activated in Settings.

Newly,  the Microsoft Edge browser app enables reading out loud.    Tap or Click for more about it,   

iPads and Android tablets already read highlighted text aloud, once activated in settings.

@Voice, a more general app, will read aloud in most other apps.

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