Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Cheap Ways to Upgrade


If you have an old PC, or want to spend the minimum for a new one, and you need more than a tablet, there are ways, maybe with the help of a tech savvy helper, and do so after Microsoft withdrsws support for XP next year

These boil down to installing Ubuntu or a variation of it, which can be made to look and work like Windows (Zorin) or Mac OSX (WijnLaunch) along side other systems.    Also, Android can now be made to install on most (X-86) computers.

Often the whole new system can be made to install on a SD card without even disturbing the original system software.

Then, the inexpensive and rugged Samsung ChromeBook laptop ($249), a MacBook look-alike, can be made to operate independently of internet at no cost.  Click or tap for how to do it.

Click or tap for how to install Zorin.

Click or tap for how to install an OS X look-alike on Windows.

Click or tap for the X876 Android download,  (Look for X-86.)

There is a even a way to convert a$150 Nook 9-inch tablet to open it up to full Android OS Access to use as a laptop.  Click or tap to learn how.    With a removable Minisuit keyboard this cheap tablet works like a laptop, including with Microsoft Office and or other office apps, and with voice dictation.

Or just switch to any other tablet at $150 up.   Add a keyboard case if need be.

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