Saturday, August 3, 2013

Choices and Mistakes

We seniors are faced nowadays with choices we never had before.   A wrong choice can be devastating.

Remember the old days?    When TV came along, we had two choices, 10” or 12”.  Period.

Choosing the wrong medical option can be disastrous.   Yet we need to make the choices.  We have no alternative.

Years ago my doctor told me what he was going to do.  That was it.  But not now.

All this means we must be gathering facts.   And there is no better way than to use all the resources and investigate all the options at our disposal.    One of the options is internet.

But how do we do that as simply and effectively as possible?    Residents come to me with the woes of computers, not their advantages
It all starts with the choice of computer.     Residents are faced with advocates of Apple, Windows, Google, and very fixed and usually wrong opinions.

Now let me say up front, no one should tell you which to choose.  Not only that, but you should not care about the brand
What you should care about is what you want to do.    No one single device does not have some serious downsides.

That means you must set down what you need in specifics.  Only you alone can do that.  You need to get down to the nitty-gritty details---even the wrong case for a device can make a device hard to use.

But before we can do that, you need to know what is out here and what it can do
How to do that?

Go to a browser and search for “how to choose a tablet” and read a variety of suggestions.

My own bias about choices comes from all the complaints I hear.  I want the easiest and simplest and most reliable computer for everyone.   That is usually the  newest tech   I want everyone to apprehend all they can do. I don't want them misled into thinking something cannot be done because they do not know how to do it

And I really don't care who makes what device.     I care that you do your homework, and that you are happy down the road because you did it well.

Those of us who are knowledgeable need especially to help others stick to the facts and not indulge our pre-conceived notions.and unfounded opinions.upon others.
Dig in.   


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