Monday, August 5, 2013

Wrong Impressions

Here they are, all wrong and too widespread:  My comments in italics.

1. Tablets are mainly used mainly for eMail and notes.

How about apps??  (700,000 now)

Click or tap for

2. There are no wireless desktops.  You at least have to plug them in.

Take a look at Consumer Reports or BestBuy.    PCs are actually going wireless.

3. ePrint does not work with iPads and other tablets.

ePrinters receive and print via eMail.

… or tap to see how to print to ANY printer

Click or tap for

4.Chromecast is automatic to set up.

Help is available from CNET.   Chromecast does not work for XP but does work for Chromebooks despite many reviews to the contrary.

Click or tap for it here

5.If you are stuck with Windows there is no way to use Windows the way you use a Mac.

WinLaunch Click or tap for how

If you don’t like Windows 8 screens, there is hope!

6 Tablets of different kinds do not run common apps.

All the major apps run on multiple platforms.

Click or tap for some

7. You cannot do word processing on a tablet.

There are multiple ways, including Microsoft Office.Click or tap for info  The main version, though, has become available in the last few days.


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