Sunday, December 3, 2017

Barnes and Noble Nook TABLET

Recently I've been thinking about getting a new smartphone with a larger screen. These are still pricey.      What gave me pause is that I normally reach for my smallest $30 smartphone anyway when going anywhere.    I only use my largest one occasionally.     Not worth a new investment.

I think a lot of regular smartphone users do the same, even though seniors do tote big iPads around to show pictures to their friends,,,and take pictures with them, too.

Anyway, for many such Apple users the new four inch iPhone SE is very appealing despite its small size (and at its lower price).   
When Barnes & Noble came out with a special $30 sale on their Nook tablet,  I jumped at the opportunity to get one cheap as an alternative.    Bigger than  smartphones, it is still very portable, a better choice than a new smartphone.    It actually fits in my pocket.   Phones with Hangouts and even away from WiFi  with a Hotspot. If you have a Google Voice number, it will even receive calls to that number via Hangouts.

The Nook tablet enables the addition of  up to 128 gigs memory.       BUT when I put in a card with 16 Gigs, it suddenly disappeared.       I wondered if it had somehow slid into the interior of the tablet.

I called  Barnes and Nobles and they told me they could take a look at it, and when I got there they were immediately helpful.     Apparently the card had popped out without my noticing it.      When a new card was inserted,  it worked fine.

The Nook tablet is even better than the very positive reviews indicate.       It' has the familiar Android smartphone screen.      It's a bit smaller than the Amazon Fire and fits better in, at least, my hand.  It's lighter.   It's fast.

I like it a lot.    I can recommend it to anybody.

Even more, I like the way Barnes & Noble addressed  my trivial issue, and I am adding them to my list of computer friendly companies which include, of course, Apple and Best Buy.

Amazon notwithstanding,  we need to keep all of these customer friendly companies alive.

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