Monday, December 4, 2017

Presentations Revisited

Recently a resident was stressed out about needing to create a presentation In a short time while also learning to use a new device for this user, an iPad.

It developed that the easiest approach was to create the presentation separately from the iPad,  and keep the learning effort as a separate project,

A presentation can be handled without a computer with simple paper handouts showing the slides in order, such a 6 / page.     No computer is needed at all.

On a computer the simplest way is to use a familiar word processor but save the document of slides in a PDF format.    That PDF format can be accessed and projected from any device.   Thanks to Tony Poulos for the suggestion.

More challenging is to use a computer program dedicated to creating presentations.

Of these, Microsoft PowerPoint is probably the most familiar to most users.      PowerPoint is even available now on an iPad.

Simpler is to create the presentation with PowerPoint on a machine familiar to the user,  and then exporting it to a separate device for projection if necessary.

PowerPoint requires some learning because of its exhaustive capabilities.   A class is advised,  and desirable if you are going to create many presentations.

More newly Apple has created Keynote for Macs and iPads and even iPhones.      The idea was to simplify the process while also offering many of PowerPoints capabilities.     

The result was a touch screen program which can create a sophisticated slideshow in minutes. Keynote is a stunning creation inspired by Steve Jobs' goal of making complex things simple.

If you are going to be making many, many presentations,  I think Keynote  is the best way to go, with a big caution.   The caution is that the documentation to use this program is awful.

(And don't bother if you are already using PowerPoint.)

In a past posting I have provided a detailed step-by-step tutorial to get you up and running quickly on Keynote.   Search this site for it.   Or just Tap or click for it...

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