Tuesday, January 2, 2018

iPod Touch - Still Great Old Tech

The iPod Touch is 10 years old and no longer offered.       Yet even old broken devices are still popular.    Working, like new, units cell for up to $100.  How so?

I revisited our old iPod Touch 2 which had been relegated to music listening while plugged in.    The battery was still good.

How does it compare to present-day devices?

I was surprised, but there are just a few tricks to making it still useful.

It can receive and send telephone calls with Google Voice  from wifi or hotspot.

Many apps will not run which have been updated for newer devices.


I was able to run Pandora, Tunein radio, NPR news, Spotify, Overdrive, Google, Battery status, Audiobooks, Kobo, CNET,  New York Times, and even WAZE.

In some cases I needed simply to run from the Safari browser and add to the home screen.

That covers a lot of ground.

Thanks, Steve.

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