Thursday, January 25, 2018

Resurrect an Old Laptop Easily

It has always seemed high-handed to me for Microsoft to terminate support for an older product when device hardware is still working perfectly.

That creates a dilemma for many seniors who want to do only limited computer tasks with their old laptop, for which they may have paid a princely sum.

So is there a way to resurrect that old XT laptop?

There is indeed, though it is honestly better to switch new iPad at $250 or to Chromebook at about the same price level or less.

The software to resurrect the old laptop comes from Neverwhere.  Tap or click for it.    It is free for personal use.

For my old laptop I needed to use the new Neverware Chrome OS as a Guest and I needed to use a cheap router extender with an ethernet cable in place of WiFi.

Simple browsing and email worked outstandingly well.

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