Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Old and New Tech Choices

 When someone asks me to recommend a solution to a problem,   I usually turn to the latest technology.

Why is that so?

Generally it is easier to use the newest technology, and often it is less expensive.

In my engineering days,  if I did not adopt the most modern efficient solution, a year would go by and somebody would say why did you go with the old inefficient solution?

And more recently, when I see seniors wrestling with the old ways,  I especially  recommend a new and better way.

That does not work for  everyone.

Many still want to do  it the old way, however complex, and many  simply do not want to invest time in learning something new.   Some just like the old ways.

That is okay.     I simply feel obligated to offer more than old options to solve problems.    

I do draw the line at offering solutions to Windows XT troubles, even though some old technology has stood up well over the years, such as Apple's original iPhone.   Windows XT, is a Model T, by Microsoft's own evaluation, with Windows 7 not long behind.

Serious problems with Windows, and Intel chips, are not found in alternative systems.   Worse,  we have no solutions yet.

Smartphones, though, do not have Intel chips, and offer a safer place to do most of your computer tasks.   The handwriting is on the wall.   

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