Tuesday, November 10, 2020

What is the future of computing and how soon?

The future of computing is not what you probably think.

The future is for computing to drop into the background.

We are moving towards the day when the computer will more and more anticipate what you need to do and set you on that track automatically

It will be another person in the room and you will not need to go to it.

It will enter into the conversation when it needs to and do what you needed to do.

That trend is obvious with the Internet of things.

Thermostats and lights are now controlled automatically with smart thermostats, smart bulbs, and smart switches.

Alexa answers your questions.

Amazon's Echo Show Mode points the way. Nearly anything can be done by voice with it.

(The new ability to use Show Mode on a Fire tablet greatly extends its usefulness.)

Such capabilities should become more and more preemptive by the computer with the passage of time.

The desktop computer, the laptop, even the smartphone, will fall into lesser and lesser use, as the invisible presence takes over.

I can already hear the panic about confidentiality. We always hear such about new technology. I guess that started when cave dwellers left the cave. Or when men learned to make fires.

Just go with it.

When?  Starting now.

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