Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Do it all by Voice

In the past we've gone through developments in how we use computers.

In the beginning we did all of our computing at a desk. Then along came the laptop and the ability to sit in an easy chair and do computing.

The smartphone then extended our ability to be more mobile about using a computer.

But there is a new way nowadays: talking to the computer.

That can extend our access away from any of the above devices.

The idea is to speak to the computer and get the answers you need while doing other tasks entirely which are unrelated.

I have stationed Echo Dot or Google Home devices so that I can talk to them anywhere in the apartment.

That way I can be doing any other kind of activity while also availing myself of computing.

I also have a very small waterproof speaker I can station where I am working.

I can turn lights on and off or adjust the temperature just by voice commands, of course. 

But I can also browse the internet and get answers to questions quickly. I can send and receive emails. I can make phone calls. I can have books read to me. I can even do a posting like this.

All this without having any computer anywhere nearby.

And as I am writing this I just learned from my wife that some of our friends who have none of the devices above have told us that their son-in-law is installing an Echo Dot for them as their main computer device, nothing else needed.

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