Sunday, November 8, 2020

What is this for non-computer types.

The other day we got a call from a friend who does not use computers at all, not even email.

Their son-in-law was setting up something for them to call us by video.

It turned out that that device was an Echo Show.

I knew about the Echo Show before but had no idea of what value it had to anybody.

It basically provides a display for the Amazon Echo and Alexa.

So what good would that be to anybody?

Turns out that it provides completely voice-controlled computer without any keyboard or other input device.

Especially it keeps old folks in touch during this covid-19 time.

Newly you can use your Amazon Fire Kindle device as an Echo Show.

Takes just a bit of learning to learn how to do things even simpler than ever before.

You might pick up a Kindle Fire 10 for $80 to use as a computer and also for someone who doesn't want to use a computer at all except by voice.

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