Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Cheap All-in-One Tablet/Laptop/Desktop

What if there were one device that could do virtually everything you need to do on a computer?

That one device would need to be small enough to carry with you anywhere and yet capable enough to use a large display and keyboard.

Also, the same device would need to incorporate all that you can do with Kindle and with Google applications, plus also Windows Office.

Well, that device does not exist yet, but there is a workaround.

The $70 Kindle Fire 6 can be made to do the job.

What is required is the installation of files to make it possible, and at this point Amazon is not preventing you from doing so.

The $50 Kindle Fire 7 can also be adapted.

The procedure is something like this:

First, prepare the Kindle Fire 6

Second, prepare a Windows PC

Third, connect the two and enable a script which will carry you through the balance of the process.

Finally install a few apps such as the Google Now Launcher and Google search.

Now, tap or click for all the details, with one change, as follows:

Instead of monkeying with Device Manager on your Windows PC, simply download and install two files, the first being an adb msi file.    Tap or click to download the file,

Thus, at the PC you will be essentially just be downloading and installing and running two files, first the adb The msi file and then the Installation file.

During the installation that PC will set up the Kindle Fire.   At one point, the Kindle Fire will ask permission and you will need to tap to enable it on the Fire.     I needed to close another screen so that I could see the notification (sent by the PC to the Fire) asking for it.

Using an inexpensive Amazon adapter cable from Kindle Fire 6 to display, you then have a fully operational desktop computer equivalent to a PC.   Just unplug it to use it as a tablet. Add a keyboard case to create a lapop.

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