Thursday, May 19, 2016

Smartphone Batteries Quit Too Soon

Sometimes smartphone batteries do not last out the day.

What to do?

Especially, turn off functions which require the phone to poll constantly for gps, bluetooth, wifi, cell connection, notifications, and so on.

In no particular order....

adjust your display brightness down (the biggest drain)
turn off Bluetooth
cut down on notifications
uninstall Facebook
turn off GPS if you can
don't leave apps running (tap on the square block at the right bottom of the screen to see them)
fetch email less frequently in settings
turn on battery saving mode in settings
turn the phone off when not using and where the signal is weak
charge frequently, as in the car
send notifications to lock screen
set a dark wallpaper
toggle to airplane mode
tuirn off cell data

To see how effective you have been, go to settings/battery after a full charge tio see how long you can go before recharging.

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