Friday, May 6, 2016

Two Big Innovations

Two big innovations will change how we use computers.

The first is the Amazon Echo, a hockey-puck shaped computer which works strictly by listening and talking,
The second is the extension of cell phone based apps to the Chromebook.

Cell smartphones are a super set of old-fashioned tower computers.

Instead of presenting you a screen from which you can work out a solution to a problem, cell phones are more results-based. For example, all you need to do on the cell phone nowadays to  activate GPS is to say “take me home” as opposed to looking at a screen and inputting various information.

Already a new router can be controlled with voice as opposed to complex keyboard and screen manipulations.

The extension of smartphone based apps back to laptops will transform the Chromebook into a far more useful device.   This is about to happen.

For example,  smartphone apps present an easier way to connect to a printer, and ways to access eBooks easily and more widely the now.

(Dictated on my Chromebook)

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