Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Best Tablet for the Money

The new Kindle Fire 8 tablet at $80, or $50 when on sale,  is your best computer device for the money IF!!!

The “if” is  that you set it up with Google apps.   That can be done either by installing the capabilities or simply by going to a site like 1market and sideloading the apps.     The process to do either of these is defined elsewhere on this website (search at right) and/or by doing a search online.

There is no guarantee that Amazon at some point will block this capability,  but they have never done so to date.

The device has all of these advancements:

.  quad core processor
.  high speed performance
.  Dolby sound
.  plenty of memory, also expandable
.  light weight, easy portability, easy to hold
.  a decent screen, in appearance and size
.  the benefits of Amazon special offers and Prime
.  longer battery life

And it goes on...

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