Friday, July 14, 2017

Online Resources

Your smartphone or other device is only as useful as your knowledge of the resources that are open to you.  You can never know enough about these online esources.

I just learned from a foreign source just how valuable a nearby digital ebook resource is in Philadelphia.

This is the Philadelphia Free Library.      Membership is actually available free to anyone in Pennsylvania and offers much more than a local library could possibly offer.    Foreign users  and those in other states pay a fee for it.

For those learning or studying German,  the major resources of the Goethe-Institut are available.

The Gutenberg website offers a huge library of ebooks for downloading,  such as to your iPad.

The Internet Archive is a major free source of media of all kinds.

Promotional access to the News Journal in Wilmington Delaware costs $29 a year and includes most of USA Today.

For Amazon device users The Washington Post is available at a cut rate.   Amazon owns the Washington Post.

Free news services include MSN news (Microsoft) and Google News.

Online TV news is available at no cost from CBSN news and Reuters

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