Monday, July 31, 2017

What's New and for the Future?

 I get regular questions about  “what's new in tech” from seniors.  Seniors are generally hungry for anything which will make it easier for them as they age.

So what's new in tech (and also for the future of this website?

That question usually occasions a new posting here about what indeed is new and beneficial for seniors.

For example, the use of Alexa to do phoning, and call the nurse, is new.      A new online photo directory of our 3200 residents and staff is coming shortly which will enable phone calling and emailing direct from kiosk or device.

The new fast Kindle Fire 8 is new, along with new help for seniors in using  it, and the ability to (either) add Google apps or simply switch over the whole device to pure Android.

The Amazon wand is new for ordering groceries, but not much else.

The ability to measure your own eyesight using a smartphone and get a prescription is new  with EyeCue..

I have been asked by many seniors to provide for the future of this website once I am one day unable to maintain it.      The website has steady growth and is on the verge of profitability with advertising.

It  would be a benefit that it could become more of a Clearing House with more and wider support than just a one-man operation.

It  is unique in the sense that its content is prompted by seniors and by problems they are faced with in using computers.    There seems to be no other such website out there.

In this senior community and more and more widely, it is not possible to get by without using a computer.     Kiosks and Wifi are provided here everywhere.

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