Sunday, September 27, 2015

Computers are Just a Tool

A fellow resident asked me to help another resident (xxxxx), who had been given a digital picture frame but was not interested in doing anything with it.

Here was my reply:

This link pretty well covers my approach to digital picture frames: Tap or click for it.

To date xxxxx is frank that she has little use for computers.  She simply hasn't yet found how to use the tool and what to use it for.  She is probably put off by techies.

I think she should get a cheap phone or tablet and expose herself to it, anyway.

In my work I had to deal with one woman who was about to resign rather than learn.     The "chief" assigned her to me for an hour a day.  The first day she came in distressed.   I noticed, but she said it had nothing to do with computers.

It seemed she had a child with a rare disease and did not know where to go for help.   In an hour on internet we found the world expert on the disease, and this physician put her in touch with internet resources and even contacted her by phone.   The next day she came in and smilingly said she needed no more convincing about computers.

The chief came in a little later and said "HOW did you do that?"

What are xxxxx's interests?   Computers are just a tool for how she wants to live as she ages.

/Martin (

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