Thursday, September 10, 2015

Windows 10 Insecure?

I have been very much surprised at all the  alarms I read on internet about Windows 10 security.   I have delved into them to see what the furor is all about.

I have never been a champion of Windows. And all Windows versions have had security problems.  

BUT security problems rest mainly with the user. You just have to work at being secure.   Otherwise, all versions of Windows have malware traps.

And this version of Windows is by far the best yet.

Also, the so-called Windows 10 unique exposures cited insecure to date are based on theoretical rather than actual cases.  And they are being extended back to earlier versions of Windows anyway!

Worse, the two main complaints are based on some wrong assumptions that some old procedures are something new and evil!

They are based on logging your keystrokes and by sharing transmittal of data.

These have been around forever and are not new but are now being described with new technical catch phrases as new and dangerous.

In fact, both date right back to the origin of Internet as visualized by Tim Berners-Lee, its creator.

Internet was conceived of as a peer-to-peer network and only in the more recent past understood as more efficient than a client server based network.

In comparison, the client server system is incredibly inefficient.

It is just that Microsoft is taking peer-to-peer seriously now and using it for major improvements.

It appears that the alarms are based more about paranoia than reality. That paranoia is more a religion than a reality. It is an irrational fear about the Internet cloud.

It is irrational because you, the user, are in control of your security, and no one else. It has little to do with the version of operating system.

As for financial security, financial apps and services use safe encryption which displays on the URL search window.  Spreadsheets do need to be protected using specific spreadsheet encryption tools.  They are not safe otherwise.

I opposed Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 because they made it difficult to navigate the system. I would never have accepted it as a business user.

I support Windows 10 for careful users because it simplifies and improves so much. Seniors need that.

The response from those who have used it has been overwhelmingly positive.   Microsoft is going in new and important directions get seniors better connected.  It would be foolish to "throw out the baby with the bath water".

Microsoft is not overriding our 4th amendment rights to privacy.

So take the alarm jargon with a grain of salt.  Let the critics cite actual cases of unique Windows 10 security holes.   If Windows bothers you, then take the time and effort to learn to use something else.

It looks like the new iPad Pro offers a better platform than Windows anyway,  and there is plenty of support, as opposed to Windows' lack of it.   Click or tap for a comparison of Surface vs. iPad Pro

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