Tuesday, September 1, 2015


When Windows 10 came out in final form at the end of July there followed a whole series of updates one after the other.

That spooked a a lot of people. What? So many security holes so soon?

Actually, no one should have been surprised. Windows will never be free of security leaks.

As they say nowadays, "ain't gonna happen". It is up to the user to provide security. Microsoft Windows was never designed to do that.

That is reality, so we need to deal with it.

There are much more secure systems out there, but Windows 10 offers a lot.

So there are a whole range of actions you as the user can take to protect yourself.

Just a sampling:

Keep your sensitive data off Windows altogether.

Set up your firewall and don't respond to anybody suspicious. They cannot get at you through that firewall unless your respond.

Restrict to sites and applications which use their own security measures.

Setup a virtual private network.

For sensitive data use an Android device.

Keep your spreadsheets offline. Set up a live Linux flash drive for the purpose.

In other words, face the reality of Windows leaks and use common sense.

Then, enjoy the wonderful new Windows 10 upgrade.

Just don't let anybody ever tell you that Windows 10 is now safe. Ain't going to happen.

And backup everything in every way so that you can get back running again when your system crashes for whatever reason.

That includes disk image(64gb flash) system restore with system image(16gb flash) and.repair disc(CD). The disk image must be recorded as a flash shared drive under networking.

No, if all this is still scary, avoid Windows. Safest might be a Nexus 7 tablet at $149.


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