Sunday, September 20, 2015

Keeping Connected

All I try to do is help seniors keep connected to the world, and there is no better way than to use a computer.

So how is it I get hung up with panics about Windows? And worries and fears about any computer.

Look, I hold no brief for Windows, but a lot of people like it and and Microsoft has just come out with the best version yet.

All I want to do is get seniors connected to the computer which serves their needs and capabilities best. And there are plenty of choices these days.

How about the new Kindle Fire at $49? It will do it all, with fewer security exposures. You can even add a display and a keyboard. And you can even get help on call from Amazon.

The latest Kindle Fire 7 at  $49 is a cheap way to get your computer feet wet.
(Just add the free Lookout antivirus, and don't install any flashlight or screensaver apps.)

All I need much of the time is my cheap but wonderful $100 smartphone with a plan as low as $5 a month (after putting up with phones I hated at $100 a month for years).

So, guys, don't make it so difficult for yourselves and everybody else..

If you really want Windows just install it with a VPN app, and rest back and enjoy it.

And rather than spending your time preoccupied with technical computer issues, just enjoy being connected to the world and all its marvels and resources to help you along the way as you get older.

As for me, internet pointed me to a medical procedure which changed my whole quality of life for the better. I hope Internet changes your life for the better in countless ways.

Bedridden for a time, one senior here stopped me one day and just said simply "Thank goodness for my iPad. I don't know what I would have done without it lying there all day."

I was glad I had helped her with it.

You do need Wi-Fi. Willow Valley here has it in all the public places and throughout areas of special care.

There are PC kiosks everywhere, interest groups for PC and Mac, and training for iPad.

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