Saturday, September 12, 2015

Wrap-up W10 and Security

Windows 10 is by far the best version of Windows yet and a major improvement for seniors over previous versions.

Here is a wrapup on Windows 10 and security.

If you are really really concerned about security in any version of Windows, go to an alternative operating system. Windows is the leakiest of all systems.

If not, take special measures with sensitive information, especially financial information. Then, it goes without saying in Windows, set security settings to your comfort level.

I set up a virtual private network for maximum protection.   Tap or click for VPN info.

For alternative operating systems, the Chromebook or Chromebox is the safest simply because it is extremely difficult to implant spyware into it.

Next, the Apple operating system was completely rebuilt several years ago to make it safer.

Finally, the Linux operating system is the most capable to do everything offline and therefore not expose to online security problems. Of course, your data is still exposed in your computer.

Otherwise take special care with sensitive and financial information and get ready for the best Windows ever.

You could simply leave such information off Windows all altogether, the most drastic solution. Or you could be highly selective, my personal choice.

Otherwise, encrypt your spreadsheets, and make sure online applications are using encryption. That can be done by looking at the URL search box.

Whatever you do, do not respond to questionable communications.

Bottom line, it is your choice.

For the most functionality you will need to deal with Windows and Windows 10 offers that.

If your needs are simple, then a Chromebook would be the safest choice.

Apple computers and tablets offer the additional benefit of widespread support.
There are plenty of other alternatives in tablets and smartphones.

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