Thursday, November 26, 2015

Internet Service at Willow Valley

Here at Willow Valley we have had two basic choices for Internet service, Comcast or Willow Valley service.

A third choice is to use a hotspot. The hotspot works like a cell phone but also provides Wi-Fi access to other devices.

FreedomSpot service has been available here also for quite a long time using the older Wimax protocol.

Reception was quite marginal, although I was always able to use it when there was a problem with my other internet choice here.

The hot spot was also portable and I could use it with any device.

Now there is a new and better choice than WiMAX. Available now is so called LTE service. While WiMAX service was poor in this area the LTE service is excellent and can be recommended.

I know that because I have the LTE service on my smartphone and it works extremely well here and along the routes I usually follow to Philadelphia and Wilmington. It works throughout Lancaster.

This service is extremely inexpensive for moderate use. However, you do need the hotspot at the start. I paid $50 for it. As a new user, you may need to spend more.

It would not be practical if you download or stream movies or videos but may suffice for many users just for documents and music.

Also, the service goes anywhere with you.

The old WiMAX service has been retired.

A big benefit of hotspot service is that you do not need to be bothered with routers and access points and expensive support.

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