Saturday, November 28, 2015

Put Google Apps on Kindle

Kindle tablets include a subset of the larger library of applications available for Android devices.

If you would like to add one of the Google applications, don't give up the ship.
What you need to do is to download a file with an apk after the dot in the file name. That will be an installation file.

Sources of these files are detailed below.

To be able to install that file, you first need to provide permission in settings.

Then there are three ways to get the particular file that you need.

1. The standard way is to sideload the application on a PC and then transfer it by cable to the tablet.

2. Another way is to download the file directly to the tablet or email it to yourself where are you can install it in the tablet.

3. A third way is to use a Chrome browser extension called APK Downloader.
Once you have the particular file on the tablet, just tapping on it will usually install it.

If not, it is worthwhile to first install a helper app called ES File Explorer. Tapping on the file name in ES File Explorer download folder will install the app.
Now, where to get those files. The APK Downloader app, of course, will get them for you.

This is the latest way to do it and probably the best.

Otherwise, there are several sites which provides such apps. These are 1mobile market, slideme, APKmirror.

From such sites you can also obtain three files which will actually install Google Play Store in your Kindle.

These are Google Account Manager and reboot the tablet, Google Services Framework and reboot the tablet, Google Play Services and reboot the tablet, and then probably Gmail and reboot the tablet once again.

Having done the last, the whole library of Android apps will now be available.

Newly, Google has simply started streaming apps.  Try Weather in your browser.

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