Thursday, November 26, 2015

Solving One of a Kind Problems

Caduter problems, which are probably more common on Windows than any other platform, can be fairly common problems or they can be one of a kind problems you have never seen before.

It may never be possible to determine the cause.

To find a solution it is wise to go to your browser and search for a solution to the problem by describing it. Someone probably encountered something like it before and may have a possible solution for it.

Then more simply all that may be necessary is to  unplug everything from the wall and reboot.

Often drivers or apps simply need to be reinstalled to solve the problem.

Then it may be possible simply to reset the OS from settings.

(Google has started to stream apps so that it is no longer necessary to install them to access them. A search in Google brings up the app which is then streamed to your computer without further ado.)

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