Friday, November 13, 2015

Organizing Documents

We are all deluged with documents, seniors most of all.

With internet documents, my first line of defense is to send them off to Pocket. Pocket is just a holding tank where I can read them later. I keep them there temporarily and delete them after I have read them.

Short permanent notes go straight to Evernote  where they are automatically indexed and easy to access later. I use a browser extension that sends them off to Evernote.

Longer documents present more of a problem. I use a similar browser extension which sends them off to Kindle. The extension is called Push to Kindle.

I also use email to send documents to Kindle. In the subject line I type convert for PDF documents.   I use dotEPUB to convert to ebook.

This works well for digital manuals and instructions, and everything else.  For paper documents I need something else.

If these documents have very tiny type I scan them to my PC using my Brother printer. The printer will convert them to digital text, send them to PC, and magnify the document for easier reading.

I keep track of these documents on the Kindle page for managing content and devices, where I can deliver them to a tablet or phone. I keep a bookmark on my PC browser for that purpose.  They will not appear on a device until that Kindle content is synced.

To organize all these documents, I use a Kindle Paperwhite reader. There I can distribute them into Collections by subject. Since the Paperwhite can handle a huge number of documents in its memory without going to the cloud, I keep them all there to access anywhere.

So there is then just one place to go when I am looking for a document, my Kindle Paperwhite. No more going through piles of papers.

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