Wednesday, February 3, 2016

A new and better Wi-Fi solution

I have commented before on Wi-Fi problems. Wired internet is full of problems before the signal even gets to your Wi-Fi device.

Cell phone internet service eliminates just about all of them. It is just more expensive.

That may change.

Republic Wireless is now making it possible to log on via Wi-Fi to your phone from any device.
No modem, no wires, no router, no satellite, just direct connect through the air.
For $25 a month you get unlimited phoning and one gigabyte of data service.

Republic has a great analysis of what you can do with one gigabyte. For many one gigabyte will service most needs, excluding video however. Another gigabyte can be  added as needed.

Your get a refund for data you don't use, so that you can use the service  when your regular service is not working well.

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