Sunday, February 7, 2016

Do it all on a Smartphone

Almost everything you do or did on a computer can be done more safely and more easily and cheaply on a smartphone than on any other device, with very few exceptions.   (The only one I can think of is using Calibre to read, catalog and access ebooks and publications.)

Right now, with a "stick" plugged into TV or display monitor, you can do all the big screen stuff anyway on large screen with your smartphone.   The new Windows phone now has the full capability to run Windows 10 built in.

But don't confuse the new smartphones with the old ones, which frankly were terrible.  And don't associate the plans with extremely high costs.   (Those contract plans are still offered for the uninformed.)  The old phones were a pain to use just for phoning (and there are better ways to communicate than phoning).

There is no reason any more to need to go use a computer that takes up a lot of space, costs too much, and is too complicated and slow and full of old parts and wires to be reliable.  

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